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The healthcare structure has undergone a radical change. The healthcare industry is transitioning to a virtual care paradigm. On a care point continuum, the business outlooks are also getting transformed. Technology is enabling greater continuity of care and the current scenario is demanding a bridging of a gap between Physical and Online consultation.

To cope up with this transformation, the Vellnezmed team of doctors and technocrats have developed a Doctors' app that is made comprehensive by providing everything a doctor requires to effectively manage his patients.

Our Doctor’s App provides you the epiphany of going to a Phygital (Physical+Digital) consultation.

Management system ensures hassle-free registering of the patients and tracking it throughout. The App will help you clear all your apprehensions about the present patient with your peers or specialists. In effect, the patient is benefited by the most accurate decision from their doctors.

Let us take care of you while you take care of your patients.- Get your own App today. Make a smart move

  • Customized app in the name of DOCTOR
  • Manage multiple clinics
  • Manage Appointments
  • Smart token for patients
  • Suitable for both Physical & Teleconsultations
  • View reports and prescriptions
  • Consultation fee and duration of free consultation can be set up
  • Easier for patients to consult after prior payment

To accelerate your operational efficiency, you must deliver a radical transformation. We will assist you with our three-step solutions while maintaining the conventional viewpoint.

Solutions for Change
Increasing accessibility of your health care service
  • Create your Personalised Doctor’s app with your Brand Name for your multiple clinics.
  • Let the patients choose their convenient clinic and time from your app for your appointment
Driven by Compassion Providing high
quality care to your patients
  • Let them not wait - Provide your patients with a smart token system- They merely need to be there at the specified time.
  • “Voila”- You can Manage your multiple clinics and appointments with a single app
Powered by Wisdom
Give your patients a pleasurable interaction.
  • You can go Phygital- Manage both Physical and Digital Consultation with your app
  • You can examine your patients' prescriptions, reports and histories, giving a preconceived notion before interacting with them.


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Is it the end- No - You have plenty of customisable features
  • Registration process is not required if your patients are registered in your personalised Doctor’s App, the details of the patient will be directly available.
  • Video consultation platform- Patients can receive e prescriptions directly into their phones.
  • Can configure the number of visits required for the treatment, Fee details, can update the number of visits and the amount paid per visits
  • Multiple notification features for patients like doctor’s emergency leave, delay, reducing tokens, estimate time for arrival for OP, ,next visit alerts.
  • Smart Token System
    • No more waiting times .
    • Our push token mechanism allows the patient to get notified about the current token in progress.
    • This helps the patients to know about their turn.
    • This will help avoid long waiting time in front of a doctor
    • Patients will get notified each time when a person visits the doctor thereby maintaining social distance from others.
  • You can set up an inter doctor consultation platform
  • You can enrol your friends in different specialities and build a separate system
  • This will help doctors to give their patients extra care by discussion with other specialists
  • Patients can save their time
  • Employee management which includes leave management, attendance and payroll
  • Refraction tests for Eye clinics available in template models with diagrams and calculations. Opticals added with partial payment management and auto purchase orders placement.
  • Features for doctors of all systems of medicine - Allopathy, Dental, Ayurveda, & Homeopathy
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