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Diagno-sys is the healthcare laboratory assessment standard, developed by Bureau Veritas India for Vellnezmed Healthcare that helps healthcare diagnostic laboratories identify occupational hazards and risks to their employees and implement appropriate measures to eliminate / reduce the same, while ensuring quality service delivery.

Credibility of Medical Laboratory has always been a challenge in Healthcare. The entire medical diagnosis and treatment depends on the results of the diagnostic laboratories. With the fast pace development and expansion of the healthcare diagnosis in India, there is a need for self- administration and governance of such organisations, as the Governments have their own limitations in their administration.

In any healthcare environment, safety of the healthcare workers is a pivotal concern. Providing excellent patient care is paramount but so is ensuring good health and well-being of employees and colleagues. Staff endangerment, predictable incidents, and unforeseen situations or accidents can negatively impact patient safety, the efficiency of patient flow, and even business profitability.

    Build trust among stakeholders with transparent reporting and third party-verified information
  • COST
    Reduce costs by identifying further hotspots following independent verification of your health and safety processes.
    Boost the reputation of your company by sharing Health and Safety score verified by third-party
    Take first steps toward identifying improvements to eliminate / reduce health and safety hazards and risks
    Prove your commitment to Health and Safety of workers and demonstrate transparency in communications

The Diagno-Sys standard assesses organization based on following parameters.

  • Operational Control
  • Hygiene & Safety Management
  • Storage & Transportation
  • Waste Management & Bio Safety
  • Monitoring measurement & Analysis

The key success factor for an organization would be to achieve a constant position of Zero or very low number of, and very minor in nature of, occurrences of incidents or ill health being caused by its activities. The formal, systematic, approach provided by the Diagno-Sys will enable an organization to improve its Health and Safety performance over the long term by:

  • Preventing or minimizing the risk of incidents leading to physical or mental harm, or ill-health, to workers.
  • Assisting in assuring, satisfying, or conforming to legal or other requirements; Effective change management. (Changes to processes, products etc.)
  • Promoting safe working practices
  • Achieving benefits that can result from improved Health and Safety performance.

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